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Alphabetical listing for L

Löest, Clint Professor Animal and Range Sciences
Löest, Helena Program Coordinator Plant & Environmental Sciences
Lake, Beverly J. Administrative Asst,. Associate Quay County Extension Office
Lama, Ashley Administrative Assistant - Assoc. Business and Resource Planning
Lamb, Jason Ag Agent Quay County Extension Office
Lamb, Lori Admin. Asst - Assoc. Harding County Extension Office
Landers, Kathy County Program Director McKinley County Extension Office
Lauriault, Leonard Superintendent Agricultural Science Center at Tucumcari
Forage Crop Management Scientist/College Professor Plant & Environmental Sciences
LeFevre, Jesse Extension Associate II Jicarilla Apache Nation Extension Office
Legarreta, Marc Assistant Program Coordinator for County College The NM EDGE
Leimer, Allison Ext. 4H Agent Eddy County Extension Office
Leinauer, Bernd Extension Turfgrass Specialist Extension Plant Sciences
Lesperance, Isabel Administrative Assistant - Assoc. Torrance County Extension Office
Lewis, Brad College Asst. Professor Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Weed Science (EPPWS)
Libbin, James "Jim" Interim Dean & Chief Adminstrative Officer Dean's Office
Lillywhite, Jay Department Head/Professor Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business
Acad. Dept Head/Professor Extension Economics
Linderman, Edward "Ed" College Assistant Professor School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management (HRTM)
Lombard, Kevin Associate Professor of Horticulture Agricultural Science Center at Farmington
Associate Professor of Horticulture Plant & Environmental Sciences
Lopez, Boe Interim County Program Director/Assoc. Professor Colfax County Extension Office
Lopez, Elizabeth "Liz" Mendiola Administrative Asst. - General FFA/Agricultural Education
Lopez, Linda Extension Associate ll Extension Family and Consumer Sciences
Lopez, Martin O. Lab Tech Research Agricultural Science Center at Artesia
Lopez, Rebecca V. Education Assistant Bernalillo County Extension Office
Loring, Steven Associate Director Agricultural Experiment Station Administration
Lowry, Dave Farm Ranch Manager Leyendecker Plant Science Research Center
Lozano, Diana Extension Associate I Extension Family and Consumer Sciences
Lucero, Mariana Administrative Secretary II Extension Family and Consumer Sciences
Lucero, Stella Fiscal Assistant Associate School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management (HRTM)
Lucero, Steve Program Director/ 4-H/Ag. Agent Sandoval County Extension Office
Lujan, Nicole Ext. Home Economist/4-H Agent Sandoval County Extension Office
Lujan, Phillip Senior Ag. Research Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Weed Science (EPPWS)
Luna, Margilena M Extension Nutrition Educator McKinley County Extension Office
Lury, Monica J. Administrative Assistant - Intermediate Extension Northern District Office
Lynch, Luana L. Admin. Assistant, Assoc. San Juan County Extension Office
Lyon, Audra Extension Associate I Lincoln County Extension Office

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