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eSource is a way for College personnel Extension agents to share valuable resources with each other. Using eSource, anyone can share a PowerPoint presentation they used in helping 4-H members, the URL of a great new website they found helpful, or even a simple computer trick they've learned.

eSource is completely searchable, including what kind of resource you're looking for, the content area, and who submitted the resource.

Anyone can search the resources. If you wish to submit a resource to eSource, you will need to be faculty or staff in the NMSU College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences.

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These are the resources that have been added in the last two weeks:


CEQ Guidance on Cummulative Impacts (Handout)
NEPA, Nick Ashcroft, Sam Smallidge, Doug Cram, Les Owen

Citizens Guide to the NEPA (Handout)
NEPA, Nick Ashcroft, Les Owen, Doug Cram, Sam Smallidge

BLM Examples of Substantative Comments (Handout)
NEPA, NEPA commenting, Nick Ashcroft

BLM DeskGuide to Cooperating Agency (Handout)
NEPA, Nick Ashcroft, Les Owen

NEPA 1969 (Handout)
NEPA, Nick Ashcroft, Les Owen, Sam Smallidge, Doug Cram

University of Nevada- Know NEPA (Handout)
NEPA, Nick Ashcroft, Les Owen, Doug Cram, Sam Smallidge