Mid Year Board Meeting

Albuquerque, MCM Elegante

March 15 and 16


District IV - Portales NM

This meeting will be held at the Jake Lopez Building on the Roosevelt County Fairgrounds Cultural Arts and fun activities will be the 19th and Meeting will be the 20th. Programs will be Creating with Thunder Gourds and Your Personal Blueprint to Happiness

District III - Silver City NM

This meeting will be held April 27 at the Presbyterian Church and the program will be on Millies and Millie's contribution to Silver City.

Registration Form Available Soon.


District II - Las Vegas

This meeting will be held May 3 at Luna Community College. It will be catered by the Culinary Arts School. The program will be "Weeds are Flowers Too Once You Get To Know Them."

District I - Peralta, NM

This meeting will be May 4 at the Methodist Church. The Theme is Lighting the Way to the Future.


EANM State Meeting - District III Host November 8 -10, 2017 Silver City

EANM State Meetings Rotation

District III - 2017

District I - 2018

District IV - 2019

District II - 2020