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New Class for Beginnier Quilters
Additional Quilting Classes for Beginners
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    Each County Has an assigned Color for Tags Bernalillo County - Lavender Grant County - Tan Otero County - White Roosevelt County - Blue Santa Fe County - Green San Juan County - Goldenrod San Miguel County - Aqua Union - Yellow Valencia County - Pink Quay County - Salmon Please send your district results to Shirley Wormington at comoyers@nmsu.edu. Follow the instructions in the front of your book for creating the Xcel spread sheet.
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2016 Judges Choice
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2016 People's Choice

Miscellaneous Forms


Scholarship Applications

Form for Transfer to University Archives

The University Archives will take historic records of your clubs. Please place in banker's box labeled with dates of the records and place this form inside. Scrap books may be placed in the next side larger box. Use your county office as the department for your county records and Dr. Devall's office for district and state records. Bring with you to the State Meeting in Las Cruces.

You are not required to send records if you club or county has a place to keep them.

Accident Insurance Policy

EANM has purchased an accident insurance policy which covers members who have paid their state dues while attending Extension Association events including club meetings, district meetings and state meetings.

Image of How to File a Claim
Image of Insurance Claim Form Page One
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